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Attention Disorder

It is very sad in my opinion that Attention Disorder is automatically assumed to be a negative thing. The very word 'disorder' is a very negative noun meaning a 'lack of order or regular arrangement' or in the case of Attention Disorder, 'a disturbance in mental health or functions'. Even further, the terms, Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, only cause to compound the idea of negative behaviour in people's minds.

This is a great shame, as really we are only comparing disorder with what is commonly regarded as neat and orderly. Why cannot disorder just mean 'out of order'. Many things in life can be quite beautiful and yet are in total chaos. We look at flowers, for example, and are excited by out of the ordinary flourishes and explosions of beauty. Why can't we look at people in the same way?

It seems in fact, that many may have an attention disorder gene in our make up and that in most of us, it is latent. The article 'Surprising Way Your Neanderthal Genes May Affect You' by Garret LoPorto in the Huffington Post, is excellent in suggesting that certain groups of primitive man, with this gene active, resulted in the society we have today, through their creativity, impulsiveness, bravery, curiosity and downright ADHD behaviour. If the gene had not been active in some, it is suggested that we may still be living in caves!

If you are looking for a non drug approach to coping with your Attention Disorder there are many available. Our ADD ADHD Natural Remedies List may help. Also visit our main website, adders.org for information and support group details for ADD/ADHD and Attention Disorder.

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Attention Deficit Disorder Online Information


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